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Personal Data
Office Address: 1089, Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4, Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, room nr.2011
Telephone:    00-36-2102930/ 56403
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2000-2007        Mental Health Sciences PhD School, Behavioral Sciences program
1991-1996        University of Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, specialized in psychology

Additional trainings:
2002- 2006       Clinical Psychology Qualification Training, Pécs
2002-2010        Training in Meditation and Therapy with Symbols
2002- 2008       Training in Family Therapy
1999.- 2000       Training for Helper Professionals
1999.- 2000       Training in Transpersonal Psychology
1997- 1999        Training in Hypnosis (theory and practice)
1996- 1999        Postgraduate Training of Mental Health
1997- 1998        Training in Family Therapy (object relation based theory and practice)
1995- 1997        Autogen Training and relaxation
1997    Training in Focus Therapy (basic level)
1994- 1997    Training in Psychodrama

Employment History

-    October2008 Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, assistant professor
-    March 2005 Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, assistant lecturer,
-    Sept. 2000 Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, PhD student, scholar
-    (my research theme:  the role of chronic stress in cardiovascular diseases)
-    May 2001- Aug. 2001 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, exchange student with Erasmus scholarship
-    Sept 2000 Psychosomatic Outpatient Clinic of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Budapest, psychologist
-    Apr.2000-Sept.2000, County Hospital, Internal and Cardiology Ward, Csíkszereda, psychologist
-    March2000-Sept.2000, Sunshine Foundation, Bucharest, teacher, leader of trainings, psychologist: using aptitude tests, psychodiagnosis for adopting parents
-    Dec.1998-Sept.2000, SOS Telephone Service, Csíkszereda, trainer, organizer, leader
-    Sept.1997-March1998, Institute of Family Therapy, Pécs, co-therapist in family and couple therapies
-    Sept.1997-March1998, SOS Life Telephone Service and Crisis Clinic, Pécs, attendant of trainings, case discussion groups    

-    Sept. 2002 Semmelweis University, Budapest, teaching Medical Psychology in Hungarian and in English, and course director for Medical Psychology and Dental Psychology in English
-    Sept. 2002 Apor Vilmos Teacher Training College, Zsámbék, teaching intervention in crisis, leading personality development trainings

Scientific associations:
Hungarian Psychiatric Association
Hungarian Psychological Association
Hungarian Society of Psychophysiology and Health Psychology  
European Health Psychology Society (National Delegate for Hungary)
International Society of Gender Medicine
International Society of Behavioral Medicine

Awards, grants
-    2002 “Top Citation Poster” award at the 60th American Psychosomatic Society’s Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain.
-    2003 “Travel Assistance” award at the 61st American Psychosomatic Society’s Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona.
-    2004, 2005 “Best Lecturer” award at the PhD Congress organized by the Semmelweis University PhD School, Faculty of Mental Health Sciences.
-    2006 “EHPS Conference only” and CREATE workshop grant at the 20th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Warsaw, Poland)
-    2006 “Early Career Award” at the 9th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand.

28 scientific publications, 26 citable abstracts, 43 posters or lectures presented at scientific congresses, 53 citations, Impact Factor: 12,768

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