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Office Address: Semmelweis University Institute of Behavioural Sciences,
1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4. room 1917, level 19
Phone: +36 1 210 2953, fax: +36 1 210 2955
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2000 – 2009: PhD (Clinical Medicine), Semmelweis University, Mental Health Doctoral School, Budapest, Hungary
1992 – 1997: MA (Sociology), University of Miskolc, Faculty of Arts, Miskolc, Hungary
1997 – 2000: BSc (Economics), College of Economics, Budapest, Hungary


1993: International Summer School, Rauma, Finland
1994 – 1995: Full-time student in Finno-Ugristics, University of Turku, Faculty of Arts, Turku, Finland

1997-: Department of Medical Sociology, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Semmelweis University, Budapest
2002-2007: Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs; Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs (legal predecessor); Government Office of Equal Opportunity

•    Teaching students of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in Medical Sociology in English and Hungarian.
•    Invited lecturer for training PhD students.
•    Leading the “Gender Medicine and Psycho-Biology” Course.

•    Mental and somatic health among health care professionals
•    Vocation and health among Hungarian medical students, residents and young professionals.
•    Risk factors, prevalence and impact of burnout on medical students, residents, and other health care professionals.
•    Sources, forms, and consequences of psychosocial stress.
•    The prevalence, risk factors, and psychosocial characteristics of work-family conflict as well as its impact on well-being on the individual, organizational and societal levels in different populations.
•    Gender roles.
•    Career trajectories of medical professionals.
•    Gender medicine and psycho-biology.
•    Risk factors of reproductive disorders.

GRANTS 2005-
•    Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA), School of Science Grant: Quality of life and empowerment
•    Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA), School of Science Grant:
•    National Research and Development Project (NKFP) Social and psychological components of quality of life
•    UNICAFE: Survey of the University Career of Female Scientists at Life Sciences; an EU6 Grant

•    Hungarian Association of Sociology
•    Hungarian Society of Psychophysiology and Health Psychology - secretary
•    John Selye Association of Psycho-physiology
•    European Association of Psychophysiology
•    European Association for Physician Health  

•    Finnish – Conversational
•    English – Conversational
•    Japanese – Conversational
•    Sign language – Conversational

2008: Award from the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour on contribution to science on
gender issues and to implementation of equal opportunities in the workplace

2005: “Markusovszky Prize” for the best published article awarded by the leading
Hungarian medical journal “Orvosi Hetilap”

2004: Best Poster awarded by the Hungarian Society for Psychiatry

•    Hungarian: 22
•    English: 4
•    IF: 6,179

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