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The Library of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences Semmelweis University collects scientific literature in health psychology, behavioural medicine, psychosomatics, psychophysiology, medical ethics, medical communication, sociology and anthropology. Illness treated in our outpatient clinic, eating, sleeping and sexual disorders are also selected. There is a significant collection of books in medical ethics donated by American foundations. Several encyclopediae can be read in printed version, for example the Encyclopedia of Bioethics, ed. W.T. Reich, 1995. Vol. 1-5, Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, ed. B.B. Wolman, 1996., Encyclopedia of Mental Health, ed. H.S: Friedman, 1998. Vol.1-3, The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science 3rd. edition, ed. W.E. Craighead, 2001. Vol. 1-3, Encyclopedia of Stress, ed. G. Fink Vol.1-3. 2.ed. We call your attention to the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences at

The reading room often gives venue to meetings, trainigs and workshops so we  recommend  you to contact the library before visiting. The library can offer document-use on the spot, photo copies can be made on the site.

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9 a.m. - 15 p.m. (30 minutes lunchbreak between 12 -13)
Telephon: 36-1210-2930, 56125 extension, or somorjai.noemi (at)

E-journals in the Harkai Schiller Library by 2016:

American Journal of Bioethics

Crisis. The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention

International Journal of Eating Disorders

International Journal of Behavioural Medicine

Journal of Health Psychology

Medical Anthropology Quarterly

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