Themes for the exam in Psychotherapy in medical parctice PDF 

A (Lectures and e-learning)
1.      Psychological reactions to illnesses and their psychotherapy
2.      Indications of psychotherapy
3.      The most important dimensions of psychotherapeutic diagnosis
4.      Therapy contract
5.      Indicators of psychotherapy related change
6.      Psychotherapeutic treatment of anxiety
7.      Logical fallacies
8.      Autogenic training
9.      The treatment of avoidance behaviour concomitant with anxiety
10.  General principles of the psychotherapy of depression
11.  The psychotherapeutic (cognitive behavioural therapeutic) model of insomnia
12.  Cognitive behavioural therapeutic model of somatization
13.  Psycho-education, non-specific psychotherapeutic interventions of somatization
14.  Supportive therapy in chronic diseases
15.  Psychotherapeutic approaches to psychotic disorders. Basics of the LEAP method.
16.  Psychotherapy of addictions. Short intervention. Motivational interview. Techniques used in the psychotherapy of addictions.
17.  Psychotherapy of sexual disorders
18.  Psychotherapy of difficult patients
19.  Psychotherapeutic aspects in personality disorders
20.  Crisis intervention. Recognizing suicidal inclination, and its psychotherapy
21.  Psychotherapeutic steps in the communication of bad news

B (book chapters pdf Chapters of the book are available at the website of  the Department Psychiatry and Psychotherapy:

22.  Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapies
23.  Cognitive and behavioural therapies
24.  Interpersonal psychotherapy
25.  Group psychotherapy
26.  Cognitive-behavioural group interventions
27.  Family therapy
28.  Psychodynamic couple therapy
29.  Cognitive-behaviour therapy with couples
30.  Art therapies
31.  Psychotherapy integration
32.  Psychotherapy research
33.  Psychotherapy and medication
34.  Ethics and psychotherapy
35.  Clinical and legal issues in psychotherapy