Psychotherapy in medical practice - Lectures PDF 

Semmelweis University

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy in medical practice

Schedule of 2017/2018  4th year English Lectures First Semester

Time: Friday 8.00-8.45

New venue: Lecture hall of the Internal medicine Nr 1.

(1083 Bp. Korányi Sándor street nr 2/a)

version: 19 September 2017




15 September 2017

The role of psychotherapy in the medical practice: Indications of psychotherapy. The psychotherapeutic process

Prof. Dr. Túry Ferenc

22 September 2017

Stages of psychotherapy process

Dr. Unoka Zsolt

29 September 2017

Core competencies, mechanism of changes and techniques of psychotherapies

Dr. Unoka Zsolt

6 October 2017

Psychotherapy of anxiety disorders

Prof. Dr. Bitter István

13 October 2017

Psychotherapy of affective disorders

Prof. Dr. Tringer László

20 October 2017

Crisis intervention. Detection and psychotherapy of suicidal intentions

Dr. Simon Lajos

27 October 2017

Psychotherapy of somatoform disorders

Prof. Dr. Tringer László

3 November 2017

Psychotherapy of sleep disorders

Dr. Purebl György

10 November 2017

Psychotherapy of eating and sexual disorders

Dr. Túry Ferenc

17 November 2017

Psychotherapy in the treatment of chronic disorders

Dr. Purebl György

24 November 2017

Psychotherapy of alcohol and drug abuse/Dependence

Dr. Szily Erika

1 December 2017

The neurobiological basis of psychotherapies

Dr. Réthelyi János

8 December 2017

Psychotherapeutic rehabilitation of psychotic patients

Dr. Mersich Beatrix

15 December 2017

Treating difficult cases. Personality disorders

Dr. Unoka Zsolt