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Medical Sociology
Week 1

Introduction: the changing patterns of dental disease; basic concepts of sociology

lecture by Bence Döbrössy

09,  February

Week 2
Socio-dental indicators of oral health; inequalities in health and in dental health

lecture by Bence Döbrössy

16, February

Week 3

The psycho-social consequences of oral disease

Lecture by Bence Döbrössy

23. February

Week 4

Meaning of health and the experience of oral disease

Lecture by Bence Döbrössy

02, March

Week 5

Illness behaviour and oral health

Lecture by Bence Döbrössy

09, March

Week 6

The profession of dentistry and the dentist patient relationship

Lecture by Bence Döbrössy

10, March (Instead of 16, March)

Week 7


23, March

Spring break

Spring break

Spring break

26-30 March

Week 8

Introduction to practices, guide to reading the literature and doing the presentations


gr 3,4: No class due to Easter  Monday

gr 1,2: 06, April

Week 9

Social inequalities and dental health


gr 3,4: 09, April

gr 1,2: 13, April

week 10

Psycho-social factors in dentistry; from  etiology to the experience of illness,


gr 3,4:16, April

gr 1,2: 20, April

Week 11

Intercultural dentistry


gr 3,4:23, April

gr 1,2:27, April

Week 12

Dental fear and anxiety


gr 3,4: 21, April (instead of 1, May)

gr 1,2: 4, May

Week 13

The profession of dentistry, Dental health care delivery systems


gr 3,4: 7, May

gr 1,2: 11, May

Week 14

Patient satisfaction with dental care, cosmetic dentistry


gr 3,4: 14, May

gr 1,2: 18, May