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English dental psychology teaching program,


2nd semester

The duplicated lectures will be held at the Szent-Györgyi Albert hall (Address: 1088  Bp., Tűzoltó utca 37-47. sz.) on Fridays from 14.20 am to15.50 pm. The first lecture will be held on February 3th, 2017.

Course syllabus:



Psychological Thinking, Models, Theories

Dr. Ferenc Túry

Week 2.


Affects, emotion, motivation

Dr. Fóris Nóra

Week 3.


Stress and stress management in dental practice

Dr. Adrienn Stauder

Week 4.


Psychological crisis, presuicidal syndrome, and burn-out prevention.

[prezi link]

Dr. János Kollár

Week 5.


Brain, Mind and Human Behaviour

Dr. Ferenc Túry

Week 6.


Study break

Week 7.


Breaking bad news [prezi link] 
Disclosing medical errors
[prezi link]

Dr. János Kollár

Week 8.


Motivational interviewing and its application in dental practice

Dr. Fóris Nóra

Week 9.


Dental consequences of eating disorders.

Dr. Ferenc Túry

Week 10


Conscious states, sleep, dreaming, general anesthesia.

Dr. Róbert Bódizs


Study break

Week 11.


Psychosomatics and Psychotherapeutic methods in dental practice

Pap Judit

Week 12.


Substance misuse, Substance abuse, Drugaddiction

Dr. Lajtai László

Week 13.


Control problems, cognitive-behavioural therapy and their relation to dental practice.

Dr. Fóris Nóra

Week 14.



Dr. Gyöngyvér Salavecz

Participation and making up for absences:

Students are expected to attend regularly the course. Participation list will be recorded at the end of every lecture.  Maximum number of absences in a semester is 2 (two!).

Written final examination taken at the last lecture on the 14th week. Grades will be based on student’s performances at the final written exam


Recommended text books:

Behavioral dentistry. Mostofsky DI, Forgione AG, Giddon DB (eds.), Blackwell Munksgaard, 2006.

Behavior & Medicine. 4th Edition, Danny Wedding, Hogrefe & Huber Publishers, Seattle, 2006.

Fadem B: Behavioral Science, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,  5th ed., 2008.

Sarafino E.P.: Health Psychology. Biopsychosocial interactions. 6 th ed., New York, Wiley, 2008.

Kopp M. - Skrabski Á.: Behavioral Sciences Applied in a Changing Society, Corvina, 1996.

The powerpoint slides used for the lectures will be assigned for reading during the course, and they will be made available in a PDF format on the course website. The course website:


Course Director:
Dr. Gyöngyvér Salavecz
NET 19th floor, room 1927
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