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Personal data
Date and place of birth:  10.01.1959. Poland
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1983: Faculty of Psychology, Don-Rostov State University
2005: PhD degree, Semmelweis University
1995: Diploma of clinical psychology, Haynal Imre University of Health Sciences

Other degrees
1987-89: Course on „Methods of behavioral therapy”
1991-92: Course on „Psychosomatics and mental health”, Semmelweis University Psychiatric clinic
2003-04: BSc in family therapy

Russian: advanced
Polish, Hungarian: advanced
English: basic

Work experience
1984-1993: Psychologist, Aptitude Testing Institute
1993-: Lecturer, Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences

In education
2007-: Semmelweis University, Department of Clinical Psychology, basic practice
1998-2004: Apor Vilmos Catholic College for Pedagogy, social pedagogy
1993-: Semmelweis University Faculty of Medicine, courses in medical psychology, organizational tasks

In clinical practice
1993 - : Therapist at the Psychosomatic Ambulance of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences
1993 - : Developing and realizing preventive programs together with self-help and helping NGO-s

Research area
Eating disorders, health behavior of young people
Scientific degree: PhD

Association memberships
Hungarian Psychiatric Association
Selye János Society of Behavioral Sciences and Behavioral Medicine
Hungarian Psychophysiology and Mental Health Association
International Society of Behavioral Medicine

Other work experience
2003: Organizing member of the „European Council on Eating Disorders” conference. 1998: Organizing secretary of the IVth National Congress of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association.

Three awards for presentations in her PhD subject:
•    In 2001at the third Meeting of Psychiatry Professors and their Students,
•    In 2002 at the 6th scientific meeting of Interdisciplinary Doctoral School No.4  of Semmelweis University
•    In 2003-ban at the 7th scientific meeting of Interdisciplinary Doctoral School No.4 of Semmelweis University.