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Name: József Kovács, MD, PhD, D.Sc.

Nationality: Hungarian

Training: physician, philosopher, bioethicist, psychotherapist

Current position: Professor of Bioethics, Head of the Department of Bioethics,   Director of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Semmelweis University—Budapest.

Workplace: Semmelweis University—Budapest, Institute of Behavioral Sciences 1089. Budapest, Nagyvárad tér. 4.

Post address: 1428. Budapest, POB 2.

Telephone: (36-1) 210-2930/56123, or  (36-1)  210-2940/56123; or (36-1) 210-2953; 

FAX: (36-1) 210-2955

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Web-site: http://www.behsci.hu

Teaching experiences  

Undergraduate courses (seminars and lectures) in medical ethics, bioethics  at the Semmelweis University of Medicine in Hungarian and in English.

Working out, directing  and teaching the bioethics curriculum in the Master’s Program of  Health Services Management Training Center of the Semmelweis University of Medicine for health care managers.

Clinical Activities

Continuous participation as a psychotherapist  in the work of the Psychosomatic Out-Patient Clinic of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Semmelweis University—Budapest.


3 single authored scholarly book, and editor of 1 book. Book chapters, original articles, reviews, letters to the editor, scientific lectures held in English or in Hungarian, and  media presentations.

The full list of publication can be found in the data-base of MTMT. (http://vm.mtmt.hu)

Selected research projects:

1996-99-- Co-leader of a  project, done in the “Szószóló Foundation for the Rights of the Patients”0 Project title: The possibility of introducing the institution of the  patient’s right advocate into the Hungarian Health Care System.

1999-2000—One of the leaders of the national psychiatric ombudsman program (Title: Pilot study for introducing the institution of the psychiatric ombudsman into Hungarian psychiatric institutions)  This project was carried out  in cooperation with the Mental Disability Rights International (Washington, DC.  Director: Eric Rosenthal)

1999-2002-- Szechenyi Professorial Fellowship  (Research project title: Ethical Problems  in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy).

2015—Participation in  FOEDUS (Facilitating Exchange Of Organs Donated In Eu Member States) EU project, Workpackage 2.

Selected experiences as expert, consultant:

1996-97--- Consultant of the working group preparing the new Health Care Act  of Hungary in  the Ministry of  Health. Participation  in the formulation of many parts of this new  Act. In  particular I  developed the framework and details of its chapter about the rights of the patients. This Act was accepted by the Parliament in December,  1997. (Act CLIV of 1997 on Health Care) Since then he has been participating in the preparation and formulation of several other health care related legal regulations.

Since 2004—Member of the Hungarian UNESCO Committee’ s  COMEST (Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology)  national subcommittee.

Since 2005—occasionally participating by request in Brussels as a registered expert within the framework of  EU. 6-  and EU.-7 Programs in the work of the ethics committees reviewing research protocols submitted to the European Committee.

2010—2011-- As a member participating in the work  of the ad hoc committee, formed by the Presidency of the Health Care Scientific Council to develop the document “ Ethical guidelines of epidemiological research”. (President of the ad hoc Committee: Zoltán Vokó, MD, PhD)

2013, 2014: Member of ethics review committees of EU (Brussels) for reviewing FP-7 research protocols. (Ethics Remote Review Panels)

2015—Participation in formulating the Code of  Research Ethics commissioned by the presidency of  the Health Scientific Council (ETT).

2015-2018—Member of the Habilitation Committee  of Philosophy in the Habilitation Committee of Szeged University of Sciences

2015-2016—Participation  in formulating uniform models for informed consent forms issued by the Center of Patients’ Rights, Children’s Rights and Documentation. (General informed consent forms and intervention-specific informed consent forms)

Other Professional Activities

Since 1995 member of the Scientific and Research Ethics Committee of the Health Scientific Council

Since 1997—Member of the Committee of Registry of the Faculty of General Medicine, Semmelweis University

1999—2011-Member of the Hospital Ethics Committee of the Semmelweis University (dealing with cases of living organ donation)

2001-2004—Member of the Report and Quality Control Committee of the PhD Schools of the Semmelweis University

Since 2002—Member of the Hungarology Examination Board  of the Semmelweis  University (registration examination of medical doctors from abroad, who wish to practice in Hungary)

Since 2006—Member of the Agricultural Ethics Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Since 2006—Member of the „Committee of Medical Ethics and Social Questions” of MOTESZ (Alliance of Hungarian Medical Societies and Associations)

2015-2017—Member of the Ethics Committee of Semmelweis University 

Furthermore he has been  member of several national and international scientific organizations, and editorial board member of several national and international medical or bioethical scientific journals.

He has been  member of several grant awarding committees, and has been examiner of a PhD  thesis,  member of the jury in PhD or habilitation processes several times.

He has been doing peer review for a number of scientific  journals

He was the consultant editor of 8 textbooks and lecture notes in Hungarian



1986-- “Award of the Rector”  medal for teaching activities.

1989-- Medal  of  the Ministry of Education “For Excellent Work”

1994 --“Outstanding Teacher” medal from the Semmelweis University of Medicine.

2012-14—Merit Award of the Semmelweis University

2013—Semmelweis Award of the Ministry of Human Resources.:

“As a recognitions for his bioethical and school founding activity, for his extensive and high quality work in  education, research and patient care.”

Participation in PhD training

Since June 2012 he has been a program-director of the Behavioral Sciences program of the  Mental Health Sciences PhD School of  Semmelweis University—Budapest. He  is  consultant in bioethics.

Scientific Cooperation

In September 2005 the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CELAB) was established within the Central European University. (Director: Judit Sándor, JD) He has  been member of  CELAB since its formation as research associate.

Budapest, 20 January,  2017

József. Kovács, MD, PhD