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Personal details
Name: Cserháti Zoltán
Date and Place of Birth: 12.08.1977, Budapest
Office Address: 1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4.
Telephone: +3612102953
Fax: +3612102955
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1995         ELTE Apáczai Csere János Secondary School, Budapest
2002     Semmelweis University, Budapest, Faculty of General Medicine
physician degree
2007         Corvinus University, Budapest, Faculty of Business Administration
economist degree (marketing, communication)

2009        Semmelweis University, Department of Family Medicine, specialization exam in family medicine

Other qualifications
2001         Hungarian Educational Drama and Theatre Association, drama teaching diploma
2005         Hans Selye Society (Hungarian Society of Behavioural Sciences and Medicine)
Williams LifeSkills Program, facilitator diploma
2007        Szinergia Kft. - Hungarian and EU tender systems (30 hours), diploma
2007         Szinergia Kft. - Science és project management (30 hours), diploma
2008         Szinergia Kft.  - Project management in practice (Management and Leadership skills) (48 hours), diploma
2008        Sorel Haz – Learning by experience with Gestalt method, Train the trainer course (60 hours)

Studies abroad
1997        Ospedale di Civile Brescia, practice in general medicine (1 month)

Language skills

2000-2002    National Blood Service - assistant
2002-2006    Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, external lecturer
2003-2005    Semmelweis Egyetem, Department of Family Medicine, resident doctor
2003-2007    JVZSE Kft., Heves – physician, general practitioner
2005-2007    Sorbánmed Kft, - physician
2006-2009    Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, PhD student
2008        Szinergia Kft. – consultant, trainer
2009        Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, lecturer

Education activities
2002-    Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, “Communication in medicine”
2009-    Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, “The theory and practice of stress management”, alternative course
TDK-students:     1 (Csala Irén)

Research areas
Subjective health complaints, somatization, work-related stress, chronic stress, suicide prevention, depression prevention, mental health

Book chapters in Hungarian: 4
Articles in Hungarian: 2
Presentations in Hungarian conferences: 4
Presentations in international conferences: 5

Research projects
2009-2010     Hans Selye Mental Health Program on Work Stress, project coordinator, fellow researcher
2009-2010    PROMISE - Promoting Mental Health Minimising Mental Illness and
Integrating through Education, WP9 Generic Scientific Committee member
2009-    OSPI, Optimizing Suicide Prevention in Europe, WP6 intervention region, co-coordinator, fellow researcher

Membership in professional organization
2008-    Hans Selye Hungarian Society of Behavioural Sciences and Medicine, general secretary

Other professional and social activities

1995-1999    Semmelweis University, Students’ Union, executive committee member
1997, 2007    Stress World Congress, conference assistance
2000    Semmelweis University, Instructor Group - president
2000-2005    National Institute of Primary Care – “Empathy camp”, member of professional team
2004    Pszinapszis – Budapest Psychologists’ Days, member of organizing committee
2008    „Se vele, se nélküle – a stressz” [„With or without stress”], educational film series in three parts
2008    „3i – Interactive Information about Innovation”, trainings for secondary school students (Szinergia Kft.)
2010-    Semmelweis University, Career Center