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Date and Place of Birth:, 1960. 06. 11. Sopron
Current job and title: assistant professor, Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Bioethics Department, Budapest, Hungary
Postal address: H - 1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4 XX. Floor 2013th room.
Phone: +36-1 2102-930/56127
Fax: +36-1 2102-955
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2000: Ph.D. in Political Science (the title of PhD thesis: Military service at home and abroad, particularly Eastern European countries)
1989: Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary
1986: J. D., Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary
1978: Berzsenyi Dániel high school (Sopron, Hungary)

Employment History
1986-1987: Tündérhegyi Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Rehabilitation
1990-1991: Istvan Bibo's University College (teacher at)
1991-1993: University College of Istvan Bibo (Director)
1993: Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Semmelweis University
1993-1995: Medical Sociology; 1995: Bioethics.
1993: Assistant Professor
2002: Assistant Professor

Other professional experience

•   Teaching
2000: University of Pécs, Department of Sociology (one semester, invited lecturer)
2003: Faculty of Law, University Institute of Political Studies (freelance instructor, state examination committee: external member)

•   Expert activity
1996: Office of Civil Rights: Hungarian Army screening of a human rights perspective.
1996: National Preparatory Committee on the Constitution: national defense obligations.
1997-1998: Dutch Embassy in Budapest and the Foundation for Security and Defense Studies Centre (BHKK): national defense obligations.
1999-2003: ICBL Rapporteur of the Hungarian NGO activities and draw up a report each year.
2009: Uniform and Honor (“Mundér és Becsület”, 1989), Replay (20th broadcast), MTV1.
2009: Museum of Literature (PIM): “Radnóti 100” exhibition: Miklós Radnóti and his contemporaries (ed: Varga Katalin)
2009: Miklós Radnóti TV Series (8 broadcasts) MTV1.

Research grants abroad
1993: Hutterien Brethren (USA - 7 months) (research on the non-violent forms of being)
1995: International OTKA Grant (small Yugoslavia - 4 months; research of the Vojvodina antiwar movements and civil disobedience)
2000: International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) (Switzerland - 2 weeks; the banning of landmines)
2007: Research on the issue of forced labor in Bor (Serbia - 2 weeks)
2008: Ministry of Education State Scholarship (Germany - 2 weeks; research on the issue of forced labor in Bor)
2008: Ministry of Education State Scholarship (Israel - 2 weeks; research on the issue of forced labor Bor)

Publication activity
Book in Hungarian: 3 In independent peer-reviewed publications, booklets: 2 Edited book: 3 Translation (textbook): 1 Chapters of books in foreign languages: 2 Chapters in Hungarian: 12 Published in peer-reviewed journal publications in foreign languages: 3 Hungarian language newspapers published in peer-reviewed publications: 88 Daily and weekly newspapers (journalism, investigative journalism, etc): approx. Article 90.

1986-2003: civil society, alternative movements, the refusal of military service, community service, civic behavior research topics: „The Hungarian Science Foundation,” „Foundation for Hungarian Higher Education and Research”, Eötvös József Foundation, Móricz Zsigmond Foundation, PHARE Democracy Project, Institute of the Soros Foundation, Századvég Foundation
1995: OTKA research supervisor (research on national civil movements)
1997: OTKA research supervisor (research on alternative forms of military service)
1999-2002: Hungary's NATO accession, research topic: MTA Bolyai János research grant
2004-2010: research on forced labor in Bor: Public Endowment, MAZSIHISZ, „J. and O. Winter Fund”, Táncsics Mihály Foundation, NKA, Remembrance 1944-2004 Foundation
2006: „Ferenc Deák and the Passive Resistance”, the International Peace Research Association’s (IPRA) research grant
2009: Miklós Radnóti Bor labor research topic: research scholarship of the Ministry of Education and Culture

1986: First prize on the competition of the Hungarian Lawyers' Association
1987: First prize for the documentary “Útvesztő” (director: Paulus Alajos) at the Miskolc documentary film festival
1989: Third prize on the competition of the journal “Palócföld”  
1990: The Special Prize of the journal “Valóság”
2008: Quality Journalism Award
2009: Miklós Radnóti Antiracism Award

English intermediate level,
German basic level

Membership of Scientific Associations
Hungarian Society of Bioethics (Member)
Central and East European Association of Bioethics (CEEAB-member) Hungarian Sociological Association (Member)
Hungarian Political Science Association (member)
Hungarian Military Science Society (member)
International Peace Research Association (IPRA-member)
Survey Review of Political Consultant (Politikatudományi Szemle)

Membership of Civil Associations
1985-1989: East-West Dialogue Circle Network (founder)
1988th May to November: Free Initiatives Network (founder)
1988: Fourth Principle Initiative (founder)
1989-2000: Capital Punishment Opponents League (founder)
1990-2001: Alba Circle – Nonviolent Movement for Peace (founder, spokesman, leader of free legal aid)
1991-2004: League Opponents of Conscription (HEL-Spokesman)
1999-2000: Balkan Peace Movement (BBM-founder and spokesman)
2003-2004: Civilians for Peace (CAB-founder and spokesman)

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