There are six modules taught at the Institute based on each other: medical sociology, medical communication, medical anthropology, medical psychology, bioethics and psychosomatic healing with clinical orientation. Besides the Faculty of Medicine, we hold courses at the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy in three languages. We also participate in health management training. Approximately 1800 students take part in 4400 hours in our courses....



The Institute has created significant scientific workshops in the field of mental health sciences, bioethics, eating disorder and sleep research and gained subsidies at various national and international tenders. Besides national scientific tenders, the Institute is the Hungarian coordinator of two European tenders for mental health research. One of this, ’European Alliance against Depression’ is a prevention program which takes action against depression and suicide....



The profile of the psychosomatic clinic is the complementary psychiatric and psychotherapyic treatment of psychosomatic disorder, pain syndromes, anxiety disorder, mild depression, somatization disorder, eating disorder, sleep disorder, grief, chronic somatic illnesses (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma bronchiale, allergy, etc).   ...

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